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Easy Uninstaller 2.4

Uninstall multiple programs simultaneously without using Windows remove
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A free application that honors its name. It is an alternative program for the Windows utility that removes from the system a desired program. It is easier to use than the Control Panel's "Add/Remove", and allows to uninstall several applications at a time.

It lists all the programs installed in your system displaying them next to a checkbox. Additionally, it displays information about the program, like its name, publisher, version, developer and, if available, its URL. On the downside, it doesn't tell the user if a program is a spyware or if an item is a potential threat.

The best feature and advantage over the Windows' "Add/Remove", is the fact that Easy Uninstaller is capable of removing multiple programs at the same time with a few clicks. Also, it is possible to remove those annoying programs that Windows won't remove or seems to be incapable of eliminating.

Even better, it has a feature to back up and restore the current configuration if an error occurs after removal, this way it can turn back to a previous configuration from before errors started.

Easy Uninstaller is completely free and this last version has Windows Vista support.

Raul Iniguez
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  • Uninstalls multiple programs at once
  • Easy and clean interface
  • Fast removal
  • Free


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